Behind Lovely Knitting

Welcome to my weblog. It's all about knitting, and it is still growing. I hope you enjoy!

Behind Lovely Knitting
I'm Romy and I love to knit. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 12, and I haven't stopped knitting since. A couple of years ago I started designing my own patterns. I love to share my patterns with knitters all over the world. That's why I started this weblog.
Besides the knitting, I'm Dutch, I'm doing a PhD in Biochemistry), and my other hobbies are baking, yoga and in-line skating :).

This weblog. How did it start?
My knitting adventure on the web started with a small weblog, just about me and about my projects. I used the internet find out the latest yarn trends and to see what other people where knitting. When readers started asking me for patterns of the projects that I posted, I started to keep track of what I was knitting and writing patterns. After a while, I figured that online patterns are just not very handy in use, especially for larger projects, so I converted them to PFDs and put them on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting!