Saturday, March 01, 2008

Purple Delight Hat

Knitting Pattern

Sizes:One size
Needle size:US#6 - 4 mm DP needles and US#C/D - 3 mm crochet hook
Yarn Weight:DK / 8 ply (11 wpi)
Yardage:131 - 153 yards (120 - 140 m)

Stylish hat with flower decoration. Hat is knit in double seed stitch and the flower is mainly knits and purls. The pattern contains 1 size, which will fit almost all. If you want the hat to be longer, this can easily be achieved (stated in the pattern).
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  1. I love the way this hat looks, so I'm trying the pattern, but I have a question. Are you supposed to continue the double seed stitch ir just knit the crown? Won't just knitting make a funky line?

  2. Hello! When diminishing, you´ll have to follow the double seed stitch pattern from the line below as much as possible. This means you sometimes will have 3 in stead of 2 knitting stitches next to each other, but it doesn´t really show when you´re wearing the hat.

  3. how do you do a front post half double crochet and do you add it to the bottom or is it on top of the knitted stitches?

  4. Hi PurpleStargate. That was a mistake in the pattern. When I wrote it, I was a little confused about the crochet terminology.

  5. Hi, I'm kind of new to knitting and have never followed a pattern before. I'm really confused about what this means:
    "Round2 = Line1"
    Is line 1 some technique I should know how to do?

    And in round 1 where it says repeat 17 times, does that mean 17 times K2P2 (34 rows) or 17 rows in total?

  6. Hi, A mistake slipped in when I updated the pattern. Line1 should read Round1. So it just means that the second round is the same as the first. Repeat *_* x times means to repeat the abbreviations between the stars (in this case K2, P2) x (in this case 17) times. Hope this helps!

  7. Oh wow, that makes so much more sense! Thank you so much. I'm really excited to finish up my cute new toque now.

  8. Is this pattern available anywhere? There's a topic about it on Knitting Paradise, and no one seems able to locate it.

    Thank you.

  9. I love the Purple Delight Hat. My friend was just diagnosed with a extreme case of breast cancer. I know she would love this hat. It is no longer on Ravelry. Is there any way of getting this pattern?

    Thank you - Jane Blakley