Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russian Winter Socks Knitting Pattern

Yarn information

Name: Saskia

Fiber content: 100% acrylic

Color: Dark purple (first color), Light purple (second color)

Weight: 100 grams

Number of weight/meters per 100 grams: 265 yards /242 meters

Skeins: 1 of first color, 1/8 of second color

Needle information


Short Double Pointed Needles

Short Circular Needle




1.5 stitches per cm/ 3.8 stitches per in

2.5 rows per cm/ 6.4 rows per in

Knitting pattern

Cast on 36 stitches

Round1: K36

Round2: P36

Repeat lines 1-2 16 times

Round35: K2tog, K7 and repeat 3 times

Round36: P32

Round37: K32

Round38: P32

Repeat lines 37-38 7 times

Round53: K2tog, K6 and repeat 3 times

Round54: P28

Round55: K28

Round56: P28

Repeat lines 49-50 7 times

Round71: K2tog, K5 and repeat 3 times

Round72: P24

Round73: K24

Round74: P24*

Repeat lines 73-74 9 times

Round93: P6, put next 12 stitches on second needle, put next 6 stitches on first needle

Round94: P12 and turn (start of heel)**

K12 for 20 lines

Take up 9 stitches on each side of the heel

From first stitch of the last row of the heel (round95): K12 (heel), K3, K2tog, K4 (side), K12 (top), K4, K2tog, K3 (side)

Round96: P12 (heel), P3, P2tog, P3 (side), P12 (top), P3, P2tog, P3 (side)

Round97: K12 (heel), K2, K2tog, K3 (side), K12 (top), K3, K2tog, K2 (side)

Round98: P12 (heel), P2, P2tog, P2 (side), P12 (top), P2, P2tog, P2 (side)

Round99: K12 (heel), K1, K2tog, K2 (side), K12 (top), K2, K2tog, K1 (side)

Round100: P12 (heel), P1, P2tog, P1 (side), P12 (top), P1, P2tog, P1 (side)

Round101: K12 (heel), K2tog, K1 (side), K12 (top), K1, K2tog (side)

Round102: P12 (heel), P2tog (side), P12 (top), P2tog (side)

Round103: K11, K2tog, K11, K2tog

Round104: P24

Round106: K24

Round107: P24

Repeat lines 106-107 10 times

Repeat lines 106-107 6 times**

Flatten sock (heel in the middle, to align toes and heel) and determine which stitch is on the flank. This will be stitch number 1.

For the toe, just keep knitting round (purl one on top of a knit stitch and the other way around) until 16 stitches are left: K11, K2tog, K10, K2tog, K9, K2tog, K9, K2tog, K8, K2tog, K8, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K7 turn, cast off pairwise (8 times 2 stitches).

*Switch to DP needles

** Use double yarn starting from this round to strengthen the heel (until round 96) or the toes (until end)

Finishing touch

Crochet 2 lines alongside the border

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