Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tender Touch Hand Bag Sewing Tutorial

Find the knitting pattern of this project over here!

Measure the height, width and dept of the knitted handbag. Cut 3 pieces of lining as following:

-Large piece of fabric: width = bag width; height = bag height (front)+ bag dept (bottom) + bag height (back)

-Two side panels: width= bag depth; height = bag height

The purple line shows the opening of the bag at the top. Add a seam allowance of about 2 cm to these measurements (dotted line). Zigzag all sides of the fabric pieces to prevent fray and sew the pieces together by number (drawing). Fold the top side of the bag lining and sew the seam. Place the lining inside the bag with the good side visible (the lining is inside out). Sew in the lining by hand (because of the large stitches of the handbag. Sew in 2 or 3 poppers on the top side.

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