Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What we all like to knit...

So, what will be your next knitting project? January's poll gave the answer...Apparently, we all like to knit hats a lot, 32% of you was going to knit a hat. However, knitting hats all the time can also make you want something different, as I voted. Anyway, I think we can safely say that the knitting projects are rather diverse and that everyone has a particular project type she likes.

I like small projects, not because they are so portable, but mostly because I don't get tired of them before I finish them. Thus, hats are the easiest for me, and if you scroll through the pattern catalogue, you can see that I made numerous ones. I also like socks, but I can almost never get past the point at which I have the second one, because then, again, the project becomes boring. If you have a solution for this, please let me know (in the comments).

Well, in January I said I most certainly was not going to knit another hat, so now, I'm knitting another hat. Isn't logic great ;). I thought I'll show you a quick work in progress picture:

The brim was knit sideways, which makes it actually quite easy to get the right size, because if it is to small, you just add a few more lines. I inserted a cable at the bottom of the hat, where the brim is joined. It give the hat the appearance of having a welted band, which I like a lot. In the previous version of this cloche, I did a cable that was half the size, but it came out so tiny that the hat was just too boring for my taste. So, that one was frogged completely...The yarn I used is red heart Margareta, which was very nice to work with.

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