Sunday, April 14, 2019

Crochet pillows

As you might have read, I was crochetting a granny square blanket to match our blue couch. Well, that’s already quite some time ago and the project seemed to become endless, especially with the newborn on its way. So I decided to use the granny squares that I made to make some pillow cases. I’m also working on a storage bag for the newborns playpen using the same yarn and granny square type to match our babies playpen to the rest of our living room.

Only the front of the pillowcase is made out of granny squares. I sewed the pillow lease itself using a grey IKEA fleece plaid and I sewed the granny square piece on top. Luckily, our sweet cat is never to shy to help working on a nice and cosy crochet project :) I used a regular IKEA pillow as filling, which I actually also always use to stuff animals and other knit and crochet projects.

As the kids and the animals all plat around with our pillows, I noticed that the pillow case tended to open a bit and show the while stuffing. I closed it of with grey KAM snaps.

I made two of them now, ofcourse the second one also together with our cat:

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