Don't we just love glitter?!

Actually, I don't even really like glitter, but I really couldn't resist this black glitter yarn. And luckily it's not hard to knit afterall. The yarn doesn't split and it is not top stiff to knit with.
I thought that I could use a new winter cardigan, and decided to knit one. As you might expect from me... I started this project in december and now its mid March and I'm not even half way. So the new goal is to finish this one before the fall ;). I knitted the back and front panels upto the armholes now, and everything seems to fit :) yay!
And I got very lucky too! I found the same yarn in blue! Will make a magnificent sweater :D

Blocking my new beret!

A little sneak preview of my new, almost finished beret! I want to add two little pompons, if I find some time to make them... But for now, I'm just blocking the beret to give it its nice circular shape. The beret is made out of acrylic yarn, so I decided to steam block it, which is very easy if you have a steam iron. Just remember to never touch the fabric with the iron!

Patternly - Mobile App review

A while ago, I decided to look around in the google play store on my smart phone to find out which (free) apps were available for us knitters. I found multiple usefull ones, such as Knitting Row Counter, which does exactly as the name implies, and Patternly, which help you keep track of patterns that you are writing and modifying.

I'm using Patternly a lot now, and it is very helpful in writing patterns while you knit. No more lost or incomprehensive writen notes! And I always have my notes with me, which is also very handy.

(Original app pic from Patternly)

One downside of Patternly is that it is not possible to edit a row for the pattern after you clicked "add row", or maybe I just haven't found that option yet.

I'm going to stroll the Google Play store a little more to find some more interesting knitting tools.

Organizing my stash - Part Two

I'm very happy to show you that I finally managed to finish organizing my stash of yarn... I hope this will make it easier to chose knitting projects and not to be seduced to by new yarn all the time... But I guess that's just wishful thinking, if not an impossible task :D

Knitting a new cowl

Just because I lost the old one somewhere... It's really just a quick tv knit, nothing very fancy, but I like it so far...

I'll keep you updated :) I hope to finish it soon, it's starting to get a little chilly in Holland :)

Organizing my stash

It was really time to organize my stash a little. So I got a big box and took pictures of everything I put in it... Hopefully this will stop me from buying any more yarn for a while! And there is another unorganized box twice as big as this one, so I'm really addicted to yarn :D

Autumn is coming!

So it's time to start our winter projects again. At the start of autumn, I always make a lot of plans for my knitting. This year I want to knit new winter set (as always), maybe even two, some pairs of socks (which I have been working on since forever already), a sweater, a cardigan,... So, I think I can say I made to many plans to accomplish all of them.

I can check one project of the list! I knit a simple beanie with a woven pattern. I like it so far, but I'm considering to add some kind of small brim to it, to make it a little bit more snug fitting to keep out the cold winter breeze.

I want to make a scarf too in the same (easy!) stitch pattern, and maybe some gloves or mittens.