Knitted floppy hat... Things are looking bright again

I'm happy about my winter hat project again. I was a little disappointed previously because the pieces didn't come together nicely, so I changed my plans, and now it looks quite good I think. I do want to add a piece of wire to make the brim a little stiffer and add a band made of the reversible cable that I worked on last week

Knitting a slouchy beanie

If there is a type of hat that I dislike, it must be a slouchy beanie. And that's exactly what my boyfriend asked for :) So it took me a while to start working on it, and I actually like it.

Re-stashing day

Yesterday, I went to our local market to buy some fabric and other supplies. I didn't buy any fabric (which I regret now, because I did see some nice heavy cotton, so I'm probably going to the market again next Friday :)). I did buy some yarn. I want to use the pink yarn to knit a loose fitting Granny cardigan to wear on cold days.

The blue (I just love the color) baby yarn would be perfect for a lacy winter cardi or sweater.

Yeay! Finally some time to knit and craft

Wow, I spend so much time working last few weeks that I really didn't have a lot of time to knit...So, I decided to take Friday off and knit a bit. And visit our weekly market, buy some yarn, buy some fabric, buy some buttons, anything.

And I'm going to try to fix all the annoying little problems that I have with my knitting projects that keep me from finishing them.

Haven't worked on my blue sweater anymore since my sleeve problem... And I just need to finish it :D Because besides the sleeve thing, it's a nice sweater.

And... I started on the new winter set I was knitting swatches for before. I want to make a loop scarf, a floppy winter hat, and maybe even some gloves. There were not a lot of examples of knitted floppy winter hats on google,... Maybe that should have warned me that it isn't very easy to knit it, but I started anyway.

I started of with the reversible cable, and the top of the hat. I think the top part is too short for me, but I could fix that later so I just continued.

And then I started working on the brim, sideways and with short rows. Both pieces look fine, but for some reason it doesn't really look like I want it too. So for now, I decided to continue with the brim, and do the top part of the hat over, because it didn't really fit anyway.

Swatching for my new winter set

New winter set idea: a red floppy hat, scarf and gloves to wear with my new black coat. I loves cables, but i really want my scarf to look good on both sides, so decided to try reversible cables. The braid on the right side is 3 x 5 sts wide (k1, p1, k1, p1, k1).

Right side:

Wrong side:

A little bit of bad luck

Everything was going well with my new sweater project... But now i have a small problem. I finished my first sleeve, put the pieces together and i m not completely satisfied with the fit op the sleeve cap. I think its not rounded off well enough, so it appears to be a little square, as if there are schoulder paddings in there. But its only a small problem (i hope) and i can take the sleeve cap apart again and re-shape the sleeve. I started on the second sleeve anyway, because the bottom part of the sleeve fits well.

It also didnt help that i forgot my knitting bag at my parents place. So i couldn't knit for a few days and my sweater is very wrinkled now from being stuffed into a bag for days...

Making a lot of progress!

I don't think I ever knitted a sweater this fast. After the finishing my lace summer sweater successfully I'm really getting into this sweater knitting thing! I never liked big projects like sweaters, blankets or even scarfs, because I always lost my interest in it and never finished anything. But things changes, because wearing my new lace sweater really makes me want to finish this one as well. And I seemed to have found a way to knit a fitting sweater, so that's motivating as well :D.

But... back to the project... I finished the front and back panel and I closed the side and shoulder seams, so it's really starting to look like something now :).

Can't wait to finish the first sleeve!