Swatching for my new winter set

New winter set idea: a red floppy hat, scarf and gloves to wear with my new black coat. I loves cables, but i really want my scarf to look good on both sides, so decided to try reversible cables. The braid on the right side is 3 x 5 sts wide (k1, p1, k1, p1, k1).

Right side:

Wrong side:

A little bit of bad luck

Everything was going well with my new sweater project... But now i have a small problem. I finished my first sleeve, put the pieces together and i m not completely satisfied with the fit op the sleeve cap. I think its not rounded off well enough, so it appears to be a little square, as if there are schoulder paddings in there. But its only a small problem (i hope) and i can take the sleeve cap apart again and re-shape the sleeve. I started on the second sleeve anyway, because the bottom part of the sleeve fits well.

It also didnt help that i forgot my knitting bag at my parents place. So i couldn't knit for a few days and my sweater is very wrinkled now from being stuffed into a bag for days...

Making a lot of progress!

I don't think I ever knitted a sweater this fast. After the finishing my lace summer sweater successfully I'm really getting into this sweater knitting thing! I never liked big projects like sweaters, blankets or even scarfs, because I always lost my interest in it and never finished anything. But things changes, because wearing my new lace sweater really makes me want to finish this one as well. And I seemed to have found a way to knit a fitting sweater, so that's motivating as well :D.

But... back to the project... I finished the front and back panel and I closed the side and shoulder seams, so it's really starting to look like something now :).

Can't wait to finish the first sleeve!

My new summer sweater!

I still owed you some photos of my finished lacy summer sweater. I finished it some weeks ago, and I've actually worn it already a few times. I'm very happy with the color and the fit, and I'm considering to knit another one with long sleeves. I didn't really keep track of the pattern but I should be able to manage I think :).

It was the first time I used the picot edging technique, and I absolutely love it, especially on the neck line. I'll definitely use it again on my new projects.

Blue glitter sweater - Quite a quick knit

My new winter sweater is progressing quickly!  I really like the bottom part with the garter stitch stripes, which has the same striping pattern as the sleeve. I've already reached that magical point of the start of the arm holes for the front panel, and the back panel is almost at the same level. I finished the side seaming of the panels, to make sure that the sweater will fit, as I had some problems with seaming garments at the last moment in the past :). It seems to fit well :D.

Starting on the sleeve

I wanted to experiment a little with the garter and stockinette stitch variation pattern, so I started with the sleeves for this project, simply because the rows are shorter. In the end I decided to go with a striping garter stitch pattern with the garter rows becoming narrower towards the top of the sleeve.

I m sorry for the awkward picture, but i couldn't find a better way to take this picture :).

My plan is to leave the sleeve for what it is and start knitting the front and back panel with the same striping pattern in it. I hope this will become a warm and simple, but interesting winter sweater. Maybe with a little vintage feel, but not too much. Wait... Can knitwear ever be too much vintage? :) Maybe not.

And... It's time to start thinking about a new winter wear set!

Swatching for my new sweater

I m planning to knit a new winter sweater. I got the same yarn that i used for the black glitter cardigan in blue.

I want it to be a simple sweater, with a little bit of waist shaping and a boat neck. To have some kind of intesting detail, I want to do some garter stitch striping. In the picture you can see the swatches for garter stitch, stockinette stitch and a mix of the two from left to right.