Monday, November 02, 2009

What I am/was up to...

I have taken some new pictures of my Purple Delight Winterset and put them with the patterns (click me). Also, I posted a new pattern for a knitted little black dress (Moonlight Dress), which you can find here. This is the basic dress, and I'm planning to knit some accesories for it. I want to make some knitted straps which will be attached to the dress with buttons, making it possible to wear the dress strapless. Furthermore, I want to make a bolero of some kind to match it. When I make some additions to this great knitting pattern, I'll make a separate "set post" to bring together all involved patterns.

And last but not least... I got a lot of questions about which yarn I use and so on, and I got some gauge requests, so I decided to change my patterns bit by bit to include all that information. I used my new approach while making the Moonlight Dress pattern. Please check it out and tell me what I should change or add, to make the pattern as clear as possible!

I guess this was it for the moment... Have fun knitting ;)

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