Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Knitting Ideas

Currently, I´m wandering over the internet to get into the Christmas Knitting Spirit. I hope to find some free time to knit some seasonal related items... But first I have to finish my boyfriends scarf for Christmas... But I´ll manage ;).
I was looking for some knitting patterns/ideas on garnstudio and I found a knitting advent calendar! You can find it here. It's so cute. I makes me so curious for the next pattern...
I really like these socks. They would be such a nice gift! (You can click it to find its pattern at garnstudio)
And there is more... I found supah dupah christmas elfen slippers... I'll crochet them one day... I'm convinced already :D. Yes,... I do crochet from time to time...
And this Christmas present from Suzannakt (click the photo to find her weblog) is also really decorative... Get's me all in the Christmas spirit... My always occuring dillema is back again: So many ideas and so little time.

I guess I'm going to finish that scarf really quick and knit some fun stuff ;)

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