Monday, May 24, 2010

I got myself an online shop!

I got an online shop at It's based in Europe (Germany), but you can sell all over the world. It is like, but they don't charge listing fees (yet). So I thought it was a great opportunity to try to sell some handmade goods.

You can find my shop here.

I'm only selling one item at the moment, but if it's succesfull, I'll try some more things... I'll keep you updated on this.



  1. How's that cardigan going?

  2. Hmmm, not very great... It still looks the same as before... I'm thinking about ordering 5mm circular needles for the sleeves somewhere, since that's easier than the regular needles for sleeves... When there is progression, I'll show you ;)

  3. Don't you have a crafts shop near where you live? And I can't wait to see your cardigan :)

  4. Hi, no really a great one. And ordering from the internet is cheaper most of the time... But since I buy a lot of knitting things, I sometimes think I should try to spent a little less. But I think I'll order the needles anyway...

  5. what about ebay? Second hand ones would still work as well but I'm sure would be cheaper