Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Winter Set for my Boyfriend II

I wanted to show you the progression of my latest winter set.
I know, I know, summer is coming up first, but anyway. I've knitted about 80cm of scarf and I've started knitting a hat, only the earflaps yet as you can see. Hope to show you some results of all of this soon.


  1. Your doing an earflap hat? Awww, they are soo cute! Could you do one for women too? All the patterns I can find so far aren't very nice and all your patterns turn out brill so

  2. I still have to post something about it... I made the earflap hat for men, but it looks so silly and feminine,... So I decided to unravel my boyfriends hat and to make him a regular one (something with cables I think) and make myself a flappy hat in another color, since I already have the pattern. But I'll take a photograph of the grey one, before I unravel all of it.