Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad times in knitting land

Hehe, I was really happy. I almost finished my new hand bag today, well the knitted part of it, and I was quite looking forward to sewing the lining and using my new bag,... but then I realized that I miscounted the stitches at the bottom of the bag and I had 10 too much... :(. What is even more frustrating is that I have the right knitting pattern, it is just the bag that is wrong, and uneven.

I guess I have to start over. Hope things will be more easy having a knitting pattern to start off with. I really have to get going with this, because I also wanted to use the same needle (I only have 1 80cm 5.5mm circular needle) for my new sweater project... The annoying things start to pile up a little and an hour ago, I was really thinking about giving... but I guess that would leave me without a real hobby ... and I really need two ;) When knitting isn't going so well, I can do some sewing and the other way around...

But I'm sure the bag will work out fine eventually. I'll post photos of it when I start again.

One thing that is going well are the gloves. I knitted one off them up to the fingers and they seem to fit very well. So probably that will be my next knitting pattern posted here...

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