Sunday, October 17, 2010

Contest... Win one of my patterns!

Hi Everyone!

I'm having an awesome contest and you can win one of my patterns on Ravelry! Which pattern you get is up to you. The only thing you have to do is fill out the poll in the right sidebar and leave a helpful comment about your opinion in this post.

The poll is about buying online patterns. I'd like to know what's the second most important thing when you buy an online pattern (the most important thing obviously is the project/FO itself).

So, what's the most important to you?

- Price (ofcourse within reason)
- Designer (oeuvre, reputation,...)
- Difficulty
- Pattern instructions (written, video/photo tutorial,...)
- Popularity (recommendation by others, how many times was the pattern downloaded,...)

I'll draw one of your helpful comments at random and I will announce the winner on this weblog when the poll ends. Make sure you check back, so you can send me your e-mail address when you win!

So, leave your comment and maybe you'll be the lucky winner!



  1. I learn more from tutorials and photos than any other way. I just love the neck warmer pattern that is part of the vintage allure set! That is the pattern I would want if I win!!!!!

  2. I've done the vote, generally price is one of my main considerations, probably followed by comments from other people who've knitted the design.
    Sewsable on Rav

  3. I voted "Price", but even more important than that to me is whether the pattern appeals to me. I'd rather pay more for a pattern that speaks to me than knit from a free onethat doesn't. Price somes second to this, and difficulty plays a small part too.
    winterlime on Ravelry

  4. I'll dive in and try just about anything, as long as the instructions are clear. Since that's tough to know you plunk down your cash, I rely pretty heavily on the comments of folks who've already knit the project.

  5. As a relative newcomer to the land of knitting, I rely on the difficulty rating to help me to choose the right pattern for my ability.

  6. I think well written instructions are the most important feature. I do look for comments on completed projects to see of there is a problem with the pattern.
    Shirl-Lily on Ravelry

  7. I voted price, if I can find something similar somewhere else at a cheaper price, I'd always go there.
    I don't really care about the designer or how popular it is - if I like it, I like it :)
    Difficulty isn't tooo important, I don't mind putting a lot of work into something if the end product is good
    Pattern instructions - the type doesn't matter as long as I can understand them

  8. For me, price is important. I cannot afford to pay too much since I'm on a very limited budget. Debbie in Alask

  9. I voted pattern instructions.

    With exception to a few, most online patterns I've bought, or considered buying, were reasonably priced. I don't tend to buy based on what everyone seems to be making at the moment. How well the instructions are written, and whether or not the designer offers support in understanding the pattern if needed, mean a lot to me.

  10. I voted for pattern instruction.

    I don't mind paying for a well written and test knitted pattern. I get agitated when I purchase a pattern that has alot of mistakes in it. It makes knitting the project an unpleasant experience and I would most likely not buy another pattern from that person or site.

  11. For me, it's how clear the pattern is. While I may fall in love with the pattern enough to buy it, it would be useless to me if I couldn't understand how to make it. Pictures and clear instructions or a slow video on a particular difficult part is really helpful.