Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP: Matching Neck Warmer

Just before Christmas, I finished my new striped cloche. I now realize that I haven't showed just the result of that yet.... Oops. I'll take a picture as soon as possible :). But because for me only a hat is never good enough, I bought one more skein of yarn and started knitting a matching neck warmer. I made some good progress in the week (not during Christmas however of course :)), and this is the result.

I just love the wonderfull colours of this yarn!  
I have a V-neck coat, so I wanted a pointy neck warmer to cover the open space. I didn't want to have a cowl to pull over my head, I already have to many, so this was the solution... The pointly parts are supposed to overlap as in the picture below. I have some problem with a curly edge, and I still have to see how the fix that. I'll keep you posted!

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