Sunday, March 04, 2012

Unfinished winter projects

With spring in the near future, I still have some unfinished winter projects... I do want to finish them, but I guess I can´t wear them until next winter, so there´s no rush in that.

Some progress pictures...

My first pair of Quick Socks (which are finished actually!)...

... My never-ending-scarf ;) I'm about 1/3 with that one.

... And a second pair of Quick Socks. I wanted to knit the heel for these in pink, but because of the yarn carried in the back, the heel became to small and I decided to frog it. Now it will just the same as the first pair but with a pink toe.


  1. Thank you for the lovely knitting needle bookmark pattern.
    You think the same way I do in laying out patterns... in tables, so they're easy to follow.

    Cheers & happy knitting,

  2. Thanks Bev! I'm happy my patterns are clear :D I'm trying to find time to write some more patterns for all last months FOs.