Saturday, August 04, 2012

New yarn = new sweater

Last week, I ordered a lot of yarn from Drops. They had a nice discount on the summer yarns, so I bought Drops Paris in blue and black for 2 sweaters, and some Drops Fabel for socks for the winter... I  did a bit of swatching on the Paris yarn in the beginning of the week and yesterday I started knitting my sweater... I really suprises me how fast it goes! I chose a relativey simple knit-and-purl pattern for the sweater...My only worry is that I didn't buy enough yarn for a long sleeved sweater,...


  1. i'm seeing alot of this circular needle. can make sweaters and beanie with just straight needles?

  2. It's possible to convert a pattern that was made for circular needles to use straight needles. However, I think it depends a little on the project you're working on. For a sweater the seams (because you knit separate pieces) can be at the side of the sweater as usual in commercial sweater. However, with a beanie, it's a little harder to hide the seams, but I think it is possible. I like to use the circular needles because it knits very easy and they are quite light. But that's quite personal I guess...