Friday, January 24, 2014

Patternly - Mobile App review

A while ago, I decided to look around in the google play store on my smart phone to find out which (free) apps were available for us knitters. I found multiple usefull ones, such as Knitting Row Counter, which does exactly as the name implies, and Patternly, which help you keep track of patterns that you are writing and modifying.

I'm using Patternly a lot now, and it is very helpful in writing patterns while you knit. No more lost or incomprehensive writen notes! And I always have my notes with me, which is also very handy.

(Original app pic from Patternly)

One downside of Patternly is that it is not possible to edit a row for the pattern after you clicked "add row", or maybe I just haven't found that option yet.

I'm going to stroll the Google Play store a little more to find some more interesting knitting tools.

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