Sunday, August 10, 2014

Starting on the sleeve

I wanted to experiment a little with the garter and stockinette stitch variation pattern, so I started with the sleeves for this project, simply because the rows are shorter. In the end I decided to go with a striping garter stitch pattern with the garter rows becoming narrower towards the top of the sleeve.

I m sorry for the awkward picture, but i couldn't find a better way to take this picture :).

My plan is to leave the sleeve for what it is and start knitting the front and back panel with the same striping pattern in it. I hope this will become a warm and simple, but interesting winter sweater. Maybe with a little vintage feel, but not too much. Wait... Can knitwear ever be too much vintage? :) Maybe not.

And... It's time to start thinking about a new winter wear set!


  1. I love the design! There is no such thing as knitwear being too vintage.

  2. Thank you! I guess all knitters love vintage in some way :D