Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yeay! Finally some time to knit and craft

Wow, I spend so much time working last few weeks that I really didn't have a lot of time to knit...So, I decided to take Friday off and knit a bit. And visit our weekly market, buy some yarn, buy some fabric, buy some buttons, anything.

And I'm going to try to fix all the annoying little problems that I have with my knitting projects that keep me from finishing them.

Haven't worked on my blue sweater anymore since my sleeve problem... And I just need to finish it :D Because besides the sleeve thing, it's a nice sweater.

And... I started on the new winter set I was knitting swatches for before. I want to make a loop scarf, a floppy winter hat, and maybe even some gloves. There were not a lot of examples of knitted floppy winter hats on google,... Maybe that should have warned me that it isn't very easy to knit it, but I started anyway.

I started of with the reversible cable, and the top of the hat. I think the top part is too short for me, but I could fix that later so I just continued.

And then I started working on the brim, sideways and with short rows. Both pieces look fine, but for some reason it doesn't really look like I want it too. So for now, I decided to continue with the brim, and do the top part of the hat over, because it didn't really fit anyway.

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