Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pure Harmony Cloche

Knitting Pattern

Knitted Pure Harmony Cloche

Sizes:XS, S, M and L
Needle size:US#6 - 4 mm
Yarn Weight:DK / 8 ply (11 wpi)
Yardage:142 - 171 yards (130 - 156 m)

This vintage looking 20’s style hat is a quite easy knit (only knits and purls, really) and will assure a stylish winter look. The pattern comes in 3 length sizes (extra small, small, medium and large). The circumference of the hat can be adjusted through the welted band and buckle. The hat will suit head circumferences ranging from about 54cm (21in) to 62 cm (24in). However, with a larger head size, the hat should be elongated (as in the large version of the pattern).
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  1. i supposed it should be free pattern!

  2. Why? It says nowhere that this is a free pattern... Some of them are free. But it takes a lot of time and effort to write up a pattern, so I wouldn't be able to make these patterns if I would give all of them away for free.
    Or is it linked from a free website? Because that shouldn't be the case... It has never been a free pattern.

  3. the moonlight dress pattern is linked from a free pattern list, and I think that led them here, you don't have to explain yourself hun, they can pay or keep searching for a free one all night :)

  4. Hi MHM! Yes, that's true. Some of the patterns are indeed free, and I try to make a new free one once in a while, but because I also have a 'normal' job and because writting a knitting pattern takes a lot of time (and the projects a lot of wool :P), I'm not able to make all of them free. But I'm very happy you agree ;)

  5. Hi, After a burst of knitting enthusiasm I am busy knitting hats and berets for chemo clients at our local oncology unit. I have downloaded a lot of your free patterns, I don;t suppose you would consider sharing your priced patterns with me? I am trying to limit the cost of this project to the cost of yarn I buy. Thanks for your consideration. You have the most beautiful patterns! After talking to the charge nurse of the unit i am making berets, cloche style hats rather than fitted beanie style which she says emphasizes the no hair issue. Cheers, Naomi