Sunday, November 08, 2009

New ideas and Forest Faerie Winter Set

Yesterday, I got myself a new notebook to draw and write down my knitting ideas, since I knit almost everywhere I go. I used to lose a lot of drawings, ideas and pattern drafts, but I think that will be something from the past now. I already had a few new ideas, too much to knit all of them really... I want to make some additional pieces for the Forest Faerie Winter Set, a neck warmer and gloves. I also bought some new yarn to knit a needle holder, but I haven´t really made a drawing or pattern for that. And futhermoreI bought a scein of pinkish yarn to knit some knee high socks, also patternless for the moment. And ofcourse I have to work on my Moonlight dress accesories... and I´m knitting on a sweater since this summer. So... I have enough knitting to do to fill out whole working weeks, but unfortunately I also have to study (a lot!)... Thus, it's mostly train, tv and lecture knitting for me ;)

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