Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is going on on this blog

The last few days I did some blogging and knitting in between my busy shedule of lectures and task assignments for school. I made an overview page for neckwear and an overview of hats, which are also presented with a link in the side bar. All of this to make guidence through the patterns a little bit easier.

I made some other changes in the side bar aswell. I put a part in it showing the latest new pattern on my weblog, for now the Forest Faerie Neck Warmer.

Furthermore, I´m starting a section featuring descriptions of various knitting stitches and abreviations, to make it possible for me to link to that when I´m adding new patterns. Otherwise my patterns will become a bit messy I think. But I still have only placed the link, and still a lot of work has to be done on that.

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