Sunday, April 11, 2010

Done! And now off to starting an other project!

This weekend I finally finished my turtle neck sweater... I named it Snow Storm Chique, and this is the final result. I'm very pleased with it. It's warm, and cosy and it still looks chique and fashionable...Part of me can't wait until next winter, but that's a little silly I guess.

The pattern is coming up soon. Hope everyone likes it.

And for the next project, or projects I should write... I'm knitting knee high socks. I just started, but I haven't taken a picture yet, since there isn't much to see yet. And furthermore, I'm trying to make a pattern for a cardigan. I have nice and soft (childrens) yarn in soft pink, that I'll use for that.

And something else knitting associated I'm working on is small needle cases. I made one already to carry my double pointed needles in. I take them with me a lot and I wouldn't want to get them damages. I still have to make 3 others... But it takes a lot of time, since their almost completely hand sewn. When I'm done with that I post some pictures, and I'll try to write a tutorial... But it will be more for inspiration than a really exact method on how to make them, since it's all a little hard to explain for me.

And others,... hmm, I'm still 'working on' (their in a basket somewhere) some older projects. For instance, the XL needle holder I still (!) not completely finished and I need to work on my vintage allure poncho.

But that's it for now I think!

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