Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dusting off my ravelry account!

I made a ravelry account months and months ago... and I posted some finished project accompanied by links. And then, I never looked at it again :). But since I was looking for somewhere to post my patterns in PDF version, I found that it was the best place. Thus I'm dropping the other website and I'm putting my patterns on ravelry. I''m going to get the button for the right hand pannel, making it easy for you to find me. But I'm still trying to find the PDF versions I uploaded to the site... If you know where we can find them, please let me know :)!

UPDATE: I found my PDFs... There in my designer store :D Sounds cool doesn't it? :)

And for the knitting:

I finished the knitting part of the peach hand bag:

I'm working on the lining, and I'm very happy that I can use the circular needle for my next project:
I'm going to knit a sweater for winter with 4 colored patches in a black back ground. I'll keep you updated. I'll show you the yarn I bought later.
And meanwhile, I also have a little project: I'm knitting gloves for my boyfriend. This is the first one :).

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