Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hand Bag Progress

My hand bag is showing some progress. It's still not working out very well. The popcorn patterning is inside out all the time and I have to unravel it again. But now it's going well. I'm at the height of the handles. As you can see in the picture the bag doesn't retain it's shape very well, so lining will be crucial in this project. I planned on doing lining anyway. Everything is just a little delayed. And this is also delaying my other planned projects, since I need the same needles, and I don't want to switch all the time. Thus this really needs to be finished :).

I did some lines of stockinette stitch with one line River Stitch. I want to put a string of lining fabric with some elastic band through it to give the bag some volume. And I want to make a fabric bow tie for the front. But that's all just an idea.

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