Monday, October 15, 2012

Knitting To Do list

Some weeks ago, I made a to do list for all my knitting projects... I promised you to make a lot of pattern for things I knitted over the last year, and I just never find the time to do it... But I'm really going to try, at least if I still have the notes for the projects...

Short overview of the patterns I still need to write:
- Blue Autumn Pearl Sweater
- Snowflake beanie pattern (this one is done and published now - my first success :P)
- Purple Winter Lace Gloves
- Red Lace Top (if I still have my notes)
- Lace Cardigan (if I still have my notes)

And still, I'm always starting new things... But I'm happy I'm finishing my knitting projects themselves now before starting on another one. That's also nice progress for me ;)

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