Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Project

Hi there! Christmas is over... I hope it was great for everyone ;).

Today, I want to show you my December project. I bought 3 skeins of self-striping yarn a while ago, in a color blend of blue and light brown, which I combined with some dark brown yarn from my stash (both acrylic yarn). This is what I turned it into (the pieces aren't finished yet):

- A cloche hat:
Still want to add some kind of embellishment to this, like the Purple Delight Hat has.
- A pair of regular gloves:
Although it's not visible in this photo, I still have lots of ends to weave in.. Yuck,... I enjoyed knitting these, I hadn't done gloves in quite a while.

- And ofcourse a cosy scarf:
Almost finished, just another 8" or so and it's done. The scarf is very wide and very war.m. Can't wait to wear it. I would like to have finished before Christmas, but the holiday preparations threw a spanner in the works... The new deadline is New Year ;)

Happy Knitting! And enjoy the holidays.

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