Monday, April 29, 2013

Tutorial Page

Hi! I'm still here. I've been really busy lately (as always), so I haven't posted a lot, but I have some new now! I had been working on a entrelac tutorial for a while, and I finally finished it today. So I made a tutorial section which you can visit by clicking the tab in the header of the blog or by following this link.

However, from the poll I put on recently (if you can call 2 months ago, recently) I noticed that most of you are more interested in learning other techniques than entrelac, such as knitting in the round (the winner with 28% of all votes!), sock knitting (25%) and cables and felting (both 19%). I've never tried felting, and it always scares me a little, and since I almost always use acrylic yarn, it's not really my thing, I think. But, I love cable knitting, and if I can, I always avoid knitting in flat, because it is so much easier to just keep knitting in the round... Not having to turn your work and think about that you have to do all stitches in the opposite manner... So I can certainly write a tutorial for cable knitting and knitting in the round, and as soon as I find the time, I will certainly do so. And for sock knitting, I like knitting the first sock a lot, but the second one always feels like a huge amount of repetition and it is always hard for me to finish both. I used to knit socks with DK weight yarn, and last year I switched to Drops Fabel (mainly because of the nice colours). I haven't found an ideal pattern yet, as I keep frogging parts of socks because I never finish anything... I was actually thinking of trying again this week. So, who knows, maybe next month, I can show you a new FO.

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