Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to being creative again!

It took me a while to start a new project... But here it is! I'm sewing (yep, sorry, no knitting in this post ;)) a laptop sleeve. I found some firm fabric in my stash that's perfect for the purpose :). Always handy, having a stash, except when the boxes are starting to pile up like mine,... I'll show you some other time.

But, back to the tablet sleeve:

 Stating the obvious: This is not finished yet ;) I just folded everything in place to give you (and myself) an idea of what it is going to look like.

So, I found this nice piece of fabric in my stash. The fabric wasn't thick enough to really protect my laptop, so I chose to make it in two layers and fill the space in between with pillow filling. I just bought a really cheap pillow at IKEA, cut it open and took out the filling. Works just as well as 'real' pillow filling.

To keep the filling in place, I'm sewing small squares into the double layer of fabric to create small pouches for the filling. It make the sleeve look a little bit like patchwork.

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