Sunday, January 31, 2010

I changed my mind about the Vintage Allure Set

I started knitting the poncho a while ago. It´s now about the size of the Forest Faerie Neck Warmer. I was wondering how much I would wear a poncho, which I won´t be able to wear over my coat. I thought it would be a shame of the amount of work that is getting into it. And I really need something neckwarmer-ish or scarf-ish to go with the beret I already made. When trying the poncho part on, I came up with the idea to make a knitted neckwarmer, and make a seperate piece (maybe crochetted, I don't know yet) which I can wear over my neckwarmer, to make it into a poncho. Multifunctional.... I hope it works... :) And I'm still looking for some nice details to put on all the pieces of the set. I want to get some navy coloured buttons somewhere, maybe in a flower design to put on the beret and the gloves (which I still have to design and make). And I still want to make the little crochetted off white flowers to decorate everything a little more... Still a lot of work, but at the moment, I think the neckwarmer/poncho garnment is the most important. I'll keep you updated.... Ofcourse ;). I'm planning to have the neck warmer finished in a few day, and I expect the pattern to be ready to go online soon.

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