Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on my Knitting and Pattern Designing

I still have to do a lot for this weblog, I found out today. I promissed you the adapted pattern for the Christmas slippers from I also have to post the pattern for the Moonlight Dress detacheble straps, which are make the dress look a lot more exciting and expensive in my opinion. The problem for that is that I still have to take a picture of it all and for the Christmas slippers, I need to write down the pattern and post it.

Furthermore, I started to work on a new Winter Set. (I know, I just love making winter sets...). It will be called Vintage Allure Winter Set, and I just finished the Vintage Allure Beret a few moments ago. For this, it's the same as for the Moonlight Dress Straps... The pattern is finished but still some photographs have to be taken.But about the set... I want to add a sweet and feminine poncho to it and a pair of long(er) gloves. But for now, I have just the beret. I also wanted to add some little crochetted details on all parts of the set, and I'm thinking about small flowers, Navy (that the sets colour) and maybe white, to juts give it a little bit of a sailor touch.

I also wanted to knit another scarf for my boyfriend as he got a new coat, but for that one, I´ll be using 10 mm needles ;) And some grey yarn I think (his coat is black). But I still have to buy that. I guess I have enough projects going on here... I can barely find time to write a post over here. Hope to find time to take some pictures and post the new patterns soon...


  1. I found your site via and I would like to ask for your permission to sell a few hats made from your pattern. The Vintage Allure Beret is exaclty what I was looking for! A relative has offered to sell some of my knitting in her museum consignment shop. I would, of course, put the website and pattern name on the tag.

  2. Dear MissMissy. For me it's okay if you sold the berets you knitting while using my pattern. Thanks for using the pattern! I would really like it if you would put the website on the tag. I'm okay with this, as long as the free pattern isn't sold elswhere ;). Happy Knitting!

  3. Thank you for your permission. I will also let you know how they do in the shop!