Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mix and Match - Purple Delight vs Forest Faerie

With some knitted sets, the use of the same color of yarn is everything. For instance when you use the same yarn for my Purple Delight Hat and Forest Faerie Neck Warmer, this set will look great because they share the pattern of double seed stitch. It would be lovely...

Presenting to you...

The latest M&M set:
Purple Faerie Winter Set
With the Forest Faerie Neck Warmer...

... and the Purple Delight Hat...

... Just add the Purple Delight Gloves to the mix ...

...and you'll look flawless for winter time ;). Also a nice gift for the up coming holidays ofcourse.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is going on on this blog

The last few days I did some blogging and knitting in between my busy shedule of lectures and task assignments for school. I made an overview page for neckwear and an overview of hats, which are also presented with a link in the side bar. All of this to make guidence through the patterns a little bit easier.

I made some other changes in the side bar aswell. I put a part in it showing the latest new pattern on my weblog, for now the Forest Faerie Neck Warmer.

Furthermore, I´m starting a section featuring descriptions of various knitting stitches and abreviations, to make it possible for me to link to that when I´m adding new patterns. Otherwise my patterns will become a bit messy I think. But I still have only placed the link, and still a lot of work has to be done on that.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

New ideas and Forest Faerie Winter Set

Yesterday, I got myself a new notebook to draw and write down my knitting ideas, since I knit almost everywhere I go. I used to lose a lot of drawings, ideas and pattern drafts, but I think that will be something from the past now. I already had a few new ideas, too much to knit all of them really... I want to make some additional pieces for the Forest Faerie Winter Set, a neck warmer and gloves. I also bought some new yarn to knit a needle holder, but I haven´t really made a drawing or pattern for that. And futhermoreI bought a scein of pinkish yarn to knit some knee high socks, also patternless for the moment. And ofcourse I have to work on my Moonlight dress accesories... and I´m knitting on a sweater since this summer. So... I have enough knitting to do to fill out whole working weeks, but unfortunately I also have to study (a lot!)... Thus, it's mostly train, tv and lecture knitting for me ;)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Doggies Sock

I knitted a sock for my little dog Bo. She is wearing a cast because she hurt her foot, and it shouldn't get wet, so I knitted one little sock for her... It looks so cute...

Monday, November 02, 2009

What I am/was up to...

I have taken some new pictures of my Purple Delight Winterset and put them with the patterns (click me). Also, I posted a new pattern for a knitted little black dress (Moonlight Dress), which you can find here. This is the basic dress, and I'm planning to knit some accesories for it. I want to make some knitted straps which will be attached to the dress with buttons, making it possible to wear the dress strapless. Furthermore, I want to make a bolero of some kind to match it. When I make some additions to this great knitting pattern, I'll make a separate "set post" to bring together all involved patterns.

And last but not least... I got a lot of questions about which yarn I use and so on, and I got some gauge requests, so I decided to change my patterns bit by bit to include all that information. I used my new approach while making the Moonlight Dress pattern. Please check it out and tell me what I should change or add, to make the pattern as clear as possible!

I guess this was it for the moment... Have fun knitting ;)